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Welcome to Inspire Counselling

We offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Integrative Counselling in and around Cheshunt in Hertfordshire.
Research has shown that talking therapy can help us all through difficult times and relieve the emotional distress, leaving us capable of moving on with life and giving us the tools to cope in the future.

Inspire Counselling was set up by Edwin Hobbs to help with many of the negative effects that can be felt from life events. These events may have occurred in the past or may be currently happening. The effects can lead to us to experience overwhelming feelings of distress and unhappiness, making it difficult to cope with day-to-day life.

We can help with many conditions including depression, low mood, worry, Anxiety specific and general in nature. Phobias such as Sickness (Emetophobia), Agoraphobia, Needles (Trypanophobia) and Claustrophobia. OCD, Panic attacks, shyness, Trauma (PTSD), stress, bereavement, low self esteem, anger and relationship difficulties.


I have known Edwin for a year and have benefited from therapeutic support and care in overcoming post traumatic shock and in dealing with a breakdown in a relationship. I found Edwin supportive, caring and knowledgeable as he helped to guide me through a troubled personal time. Advice and a range of therapeutic strategies were used to help me manage daily.

I found that Edwin held and many aimed the highest possible personal standards throughout the time I attended sessions with him. I have no hesitation in commending Edwin to anyone seeking support'.

Michael C

I had visited three therapists before I found Edwin! Within minutes of meeting Edwin, I knew I was in safe, experienced hands. Edwin’s approach is a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere without pressure. When I first began my journey into therapy, I was suffering with anxiety and stress that caused me physical and mental pain. I was very incapacitating by it on a daily basis. Edwin introduced me to a new perspective, and gave me immediate tools to help deal with the effects of my stress, and at the same time helped me evaluate the causes. My life is a lot better now, my stress is a lot lower, and I am running my life, as opposed to it running me… life is good, thank you Edwin! I would recommend Edwin’s skills to anybody, I know that first phone call to book an appointment is scary (I’ve been there) but embrace the fear, and give yourself a chance for something better.

J Reading